Nina Chakrabarti’s Hello Nature beautifully combines the creativity and fun of a colouring book with the cheerful learning experience of everyone’s favorite primary school teacher. Her charming illustrations cover this A4 activity– turned- scrapbook encouraging readers young and old to read on, leafing through to each fresh page with ever renewed enthusiasm.
 Chakrabarti’s book explores the marvels of the natural world by pooling together scientific facts and do-it-yourself experiments with exciting suggestions for creative projects, snatches of poetry and words of wisdom from iconic historical, cultural and scientific figures. This book is both lovely to look and encourages young readers to interact with each page and make the book their own. As they are gently guided through each season, readers are invited to make their own herbarium, draw the shells onto a slimy selection of snails, track the movement of the sun throughout the year and create stories and poems based on the many curious and dazzling things to be found in gardens or parks all over the U.K. Chakrabarti’s tips and nature-filled facts are delivered in a sunny, clear manner. In this way readers are carefully encouraged to foster a respectful and curious view of the natural world.
Choc-full of year round activities, Hello Nature has the potential to become a staple of both homes and classrooms.  With many suggestions simple enough to do at the kitchen table on a rainy day, Hello Nature is perfect for parents or childcarers looking to entertain little ones for a few hours. On the other hand, those looking for longer-term projects could happily use Chakrabarti’s book as a jumping off point to introduce new and enriching hobbies particularly those seeking to inspire children to investigate the outside world. And let's be honest who doesn’t want to design their very own Dream Tree House?!
Hello Nature is recommended for children 8 years or older. To investigate further visit and don’t forget to tweet us pictures of your nature-filled adventures! 
Olive Mackintosh-Lowe , literary editor