Neil Gaiman brings new meaning to the old saying ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ in this hilarious tale about one man’s quest for a pint of milk.

You could put orange juice onto cereal but it probably wouldn’t taste very nice, hence the reason why Dad sets off  one fateful morning for some lactic liquid to accompany his children’s Toastios ...

When Dad returns from the shops after what feels like a long time, he has a rather bonkers explanation for his delay: readers prepare to be totally bamboozled! After being abducted by a space crew of green globby aliens, Dad is transported into the 18th century where he finds himself at the knife point of a tyrannical Pirate Queen. Luckily, a time-travelling stegosaurus arrives in a hot-air-balloon-time-transporter and magics Dad into the pre-historic past. There is so much crammed into the action of Gaiman’s plot. This description doesn’t even mention the volcano god, purple dancing dwarves and mysterious bowl of piranhas!

Gaiman has created an extraordinary intergalactic adventure which will blow your scientific socks off. Chris Riddell’s illustrations suit the zany narrative-world completely and will encourage any readers struggling with the more challenging descriptive passages. Whilst Dad’s kids don’t believe his wild tale, readers are left to decide for themselves. So please let us know what you think! 
Lydia Mihailovic, literary editor