Parents will know Conn Iggulden for his bestselling historical fiction, such as the Emperor series, but children should know him for his wonderful tales about Tollins, the first of which being How to Blow Up Tollins.

If you have a child with a positive aversion to fairies, or perhaps you're a parent that's simply fed up of a plethora of fairy books, then perhaps you should meet the Tollins.

Yes, they're small. Yes, they have wings. No, they're not fairies.

In fact Tollins regard fairies as, 'fluttery show-offs, and occasionally use them to wipe out the insides of cups'. Tollins also wrestle angry bees. And dance badly. In short, they're fierce, silly and sometimes a little bit stupid - but that might be because inexplicably scientists have started stuffing them into fireworks and blasting them into the sky, which can't be good for the brain!

Jam packed with adventure, humour and heroism, with the cheeky nature of the Tollins perfectly realised in Lizzy Duncan's wonderful illustrations, How to Blow Up Tollins is a real hoot.

Follow the Tollins on the continuing adventures in Dynamite Tales.   
Aimee Albert, literary editor