We love Paul Jennings here at Bunnie Buzz. His writing has much of the same qualities that have made Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates such unmitigated successes: relatable narrators, inventive and often humorous stories, and an accessible format. It's the perfect next step for all those readers who have read all of the above and are looking to keep the momentum going.

A considerable amount of the appeal of the Wimpy Kid style of books is the pairing of text and comic book like illustration, which break up the narrative and, particularly in the case of reluctant readers, make the book less daunting. Jennings' stories are a move away from this style, towards a more traditional layout - apart from the super covers there are no illustrations at all - but we feel certain that the short story format will be a success with reticent book worms.

These short stories (there a usually about 8 in each book) demonstrate that a tale can be read easily even without pictures, and once readers are acquainted with Jennings' wonderful sense of humour reading just the one story simply won't be enough. Before you know it the whole book has been read - and enjoyed - with absolutely no pictures!

Another benefit to Jennings' collections is the variety of stories available. Some are humorous, some are quirky, and some are spooky, but all are fantastically written and incredibly readable. For this reason it's been difficult to highlight just one his books. Bunnie Buzz favourites include Uncovered! (particularly Listen Ear) and Undone! (particularly Nose Weed), but for those readers who are just looking for more giggles you can't go wrong with Paul Jennings' Funniest Stories - the title says it all really!

We've listed these books in the 9-10 age range but readers from as young as 8 up until 12 will enjoy them - as well as lots of adults too! 
Aimee Albert, literary editor