In Woozy the Wizard: A Spell to Get Well Woozy attempts to magically make the cold-addled villagers of Snottington Sneeze (hehe) better, with hilarious consequences. 

What we particularly love about Woozy the Wizard books (apart from the fact that Woozy lives in the faraway village of Snottington Sneeze) is that they combine the vibrant colour pallet that will be familiar to children and parents alike in its similarity to Helen Nicoll's Meg and Mog picture book series, with the kind of silly rhyming couplets that are guaranteed to have all involved giggling throughout.

Chapterless and running at approximately 60 pages (although more realistically 30 as in most instances a double page is one side text and the other fully coloured illustration), budding readers can feel a sense of accomplishment upon completion of this book, which naturally canters to its happy conclusion. The text is evenly spaced, with a large font, and bold cartoon illustrations.

Readers who enjoy this book can join Woozy in Woozy the Wizard: Broom To Go Zoom, or for something different but equally silly, Hippospotamus by Jeanne Willis.
Aimee Albert, literary editor