Readers might be familiar with Jonathan Stoud's earlier brilliant Bartimeaus series, and we're sure they'll enjoy the Lockwood & Co. series just as much. More so even, as it places all of the power firmly in the hands of the children of the story. Sure there are adults about but since the walls between the living and the dead have become thinner (!) adults are scared silly and literally completely blind to the ghost-y dangers of nightfall: Children to the rescue - huzzah! Well, unless you count all the adults that supervise the ghost squads, which we don't, because in Lockwood and Co. it's strictly children only - which is the reason it's the best ghost squad around, obviously. If only they could get adults to take them seriously and give them a chance to prove it, possibly with a super spooky and dangerous case involving a screaming staircase...

As you may be able to tell, we really enjoyed The Screaming Staircase here at Bunnie Buzz. The characters are funny and relatable, and there are plenty of ghost-y happenings, mystical mystery and murder-most-foul. It’s a really promising start to a series that will appeal to readers who enjoy detective novels that offer a spine-chilling thrill. For the spook factor alone we'd recommend a readership of 11+.
Aimee Albert, literary editor